Available Immediately – secure flexible storage for pallets and general goods at our secure warehouse’s in Rotherham. Rates start from as little as £1.50 per pallet per week.

We offer an exciting range of virtual warehousing and fulfillment services, perfect for small/start up businesses and Internet traders.

Many small companies and sole traders find their success is hampered by the restriction on how much stock they can store and control. Operating from small premises, or even from home, means there never seems to be enough room to cope with a growing business.

Our actual warehouse can become your virtual warehouse!

Run your global empire via your laptop?

Need to receive and send big orders?

Don’t want expensive premises and staff?

skylanelogistics has the answer. We can be your actual Warehouse offering a complete fulfillment service – Goods in, Warehouse Storage, Contract Packing and Distribution – all from one local friendly supplier.

Your benefits:

No premises costs – you SAVE on capital outlay or rent
No staff costs – no need for forklift operators and admin
No storage computer system costs – you’ll SAVE on capital outlay or lease

We currently provide storage for the following sectors:

Paper, publishing, printing and packaging, food and beverage, rubber and plastic, industrial and construction, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, fabricated products, office furniture, distribution, textiles, medical health and precision instruments, wholesale, retail and consumer goods, hotels and restaurants, computer, electronic goods, music and toys & education……and others.